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MRCOG part 2 revision planner

A smart planner to help guide your exam preparation

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The MRCOG part 2 exam is an enormous undertaking and being organised in your revision is vital if you are to be successful. Our revision planner helps you to manage your time and track your progress. The planner is built using Google Sheets and includes a suggested timetable, as well as suggested reading material. Links are provided throughout the planner to save you time when you're revising. All timings and materials are fully customisable to suit your learning needs. Scroll down to view the planner template.

How do I get access?

Access to your own customisable revision planner can be purchased here. 

Why do I have to pay for access?

Calculosaurus is committed to providing free access to clinical calculators. However, there are costs associated with maintaining this service. Unfortunately it has become necessary to generate some income to cover the maintenance of the website and we have therefore decided to charge a fee for access to this non-clinical tool. You can rest assured that your payment will help to support this project.

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